Smoothies $8.00

Bangor Banga
mango, banana, passionfruit, coconut cream

Illa-Long-Way Away
Banana, mango, spinach, matcha, Greek yoghurt, honey

Bardo Berry
Acai powder, chia, almonds, berries, Greek yoghurt

DIY Smoothie
Pick one fruit: Mango, strawberry, blueberry, banana – blended with milk and ice cream or yoghurt & ice (almond milk available +$1.00)


Juices $8.00

Bangor Banga
green apple, spinach, celery, cucumber, lime

orange, apple, ginger, lemon

watermelon, pineapple, apple, orange, strawberry

DIY Juice
Pick 3 fruits – Orange, apple, pineapple, lemon, watermelon, celery strawberry – Add extra fruit +0.50c or ginger or mint 0.20c 


Shakes $8.00

Golden Gaytime 
Hershey’s caramel sauce, ice cream, milk Gaytime crumbs

Hershey’s chocolate sauce, mint syrup, ice cream, milk Aero chocolate

Hershey’s chocolate sauce, ice cream, milk, Oreo biscuits           Vegan Option uses Cottees Chocolate Syrup & Almond Milk + $2

Cherry Ripe (Dairy Free)
Coconut milk, chocolate powder, strawberry syrup, coconut flakes, Cherry Ripe chocolate


Soft Drinks $3.50
Coke, Diet Coke, Lemonade, Solo, Ginger Beer, Tonic, Soda Water, Lemon Lime & Bitters

Juice $4.50
apple, pineapple, grapefruit, orange, cranberry

Still Water 600ml $3.50

Sparkling Water $5.50

Kids Milkshakes $3
choc, vanilla, strawberry, caramel

Milkshakes $6.50
choc, vanilla, strawberry, caramel

Menu subject to change without notice


Espresso $3.00

Macchiato / Piccolo $3.20

Long Black $3.00

Cap / Flat White / Latte $3.50

Mocha $3.70

Hot Chocolate $4.00

Chai Latte $3.50

Iced Coffee $5.50

Tea Pots $4.50

Upsize +$1.00

Soy / Almond $0.70

Syrups (Hazelnut, Caramel, Vanilla) $0.50


Served Wed to Sun from 7am-3pm

Toast & Spreads (2) $5.50

Choice of Sonoma White, Rye or Soy & Linseed Sourdough – gluten free also available w/ spreads – Vegemite, Peanut Butter, Jam, Nutella, Honey

Raisin Toast / Banana Bread $6.50
Toasted w/ butter

Seasonal Fruit Salad $13.00
Served w/ natural yoghurt

Granola Bowl $13.00
Granola, seasonal fruits & berries, natural yoghurt

Traditional Porridge $11.00
Served w/ your choice of berry or apple compote  or banana & honey. Vegan option available +$2.00

Orange & Poppy Seed Hotcake  $15.00
Fluffy & light served w/ orange glaze, strawberries & segmented orange. Add ice cream +$1.00

Eggs your way $9.50
2 eggs your choice of scrambled, poached or fried on sourdough

Eggs Benny $9.50 / $16.50
English muffins, poached eggs, wilted spinach, hollandaise w/ your choice of bacon or smoked salmon +$1.00

Avo Smash $17.00
Poached eggs, lime, feta, diced tomatoes on Sonoma sourdough w/ balsamic glaze

Bacon & Egg Roll $10.00
Served on Turkish bread w/ one egg, tomato, BBQ or chutney

Breakfast Bruschetta  $16.00
House-made pesto, whipped ricotta, roast cherry tomatoes on Sonoma Sourdough

Breaky Bowl  $20.00
House made hommus, grilled haloumi, charred capsicum, pickled eggplant, field mushrooms, avocado, Sonoma Sourdough. Vegan Option also available w/ roast tomatoes and no haloumi.

Corn Fritters $18.00
Corn & zucchini w/ kaffir lime, avo salsa & haloumi. Add tzatziki +$0.50

Omelettes $16.00
Three eggs served on sourdough Option 1: Ham, cheese & tomato. Option 2: Chorizo, mushroom & feta

Big Breaky $20.00
Eggs your way, bacon, sausage, baked beans, roast tomato, mushrooms, wilted spinach and sourdough toast

Menu subject to change without notice



+ bacon

+ mushrooms

+ smoked salmon


+ chorizo

+ avocado

+ haloumi cheese


+ spinach

+ roast tomato

+ baked beans


+ hollandaise

+ extra egg

+ gluten free bread



Served Wednesday – Friday 11am-3pm


Choice of Sonoma White, Rye or Soy & Linseed Sourdough – gluten free also available 

Vege Sandwich – Mushroom, capsicum, haloumi, spinach, avocado & aioli $13.00

Schnitty Sandwich – Slaw, pickles, cheese $12.00

Add Bacon or Avocado + $3.00

Steak Sandwich – caramelised onions, mustard, cheese & aioli – $12.00

Peri Peri Sandwich – Grilled chicken, peri peri mayo, tomato, lettuce – $12.00

Tuna Sandwich – w/ mayo, special pico de gallo – $10.00

BLT / BLAT $8.00 / $10.00
Available on wrap, Turkish, rye, white or soy & linseed bread

Grilled Chicken Salad $17.00
Served w/ mixed leaf, roast pumpkin, feta, Spanish onion & balsamic dressing

Calamari $18.00
Served w/ kaffir lime, chilli salt served w/ your choice of salad or beer battered chips 

Steamed Bao Buns (4) $16.00
Master stock chicken w/ a crispy Asian salad, & ponzu dressing 

Soft Shell Crab Tacos $20.00
Served w/ chipotle aioli, salsa & garlic aioli

Veal & Pork Meatballs $16.00
Served in a rich Napolitana sauce & Parmesan w/ your choice of salad or beer battered chips

Steamed Gow Gees $16.00
Steamed prawn dumplings served w/ soy sauce & Sriracha sauce

Pesto & Mozzarella Arancini Balls $16.00
Served w/ garlic aioli

Kumara & Ricotta Fried Gnocchi  $16.00
Served w/ a creamy blue cheese sauce

Chicken Schnitty $16.00
Lemon & Parmesan crumbed chicken breast w/ beer battered chips & house slaw


Toasts & Spreads $4
w/ spreads – butter, vegemite, peanut butter, jam, nutella or honey

Bacon & Egg Roll $6
Tomato or BBQ

Toasted Sandwich
Cheese & Tomato $5
Cheese & Ham $6

Porridge $6.50
w/ honey

Egg on Toast $5

Fairy Bread $4.50




Calamari & Chips $10

Chicken Nuggets & Chips$10

Spaghetti $10

Bowl of Chips $8




Soft Drinks $2.50
Coke, diet coke, lemonade, solo, ginger beer, tonic, soda water, lemon lime & bitters

Juice $3
Apple, pineapple, grapefruit, orange, cranberry

Milkshakes $3.50
Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, caramel


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